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Expert interviews with successful
Assistants, actionable and practical
advice and lessons on what it takes
to excel in the Assistant role.

About the show

Join Nicky Christmas, the founder of Practically Perfect PA and The EA Campus, for interviews with successful Assistants who all have first-hand experience and lessons to share on what it takes to excel in the role. Along with actionable tips and tricks that will build your confidence and skills in the Assistant role.

Tune in, get inspired and learn how to create an Assistant career where you are valued, motivated and ready to face every challenge head-on. Whether you are an Assistant just starting in your career or prepared to move to the next level, building a successful Assistant career just got a little easier with The EA Campus Podcast!

Your host: Nicky is a former-Assistant
and the creator of Practically
Perfect PA and The EA Campus.
Nicky has been mentoring Assistants
for over a decade.

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