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Building a successful Assistant career
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The Executive Assistant role is
complex, don’t go it alone.

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Inside The EA Campus, Executive and Personal Assistants, like you, come together to meet and support each other, get answers, learn from each other and our coaches, participate in growing together and thriving in the Assistant role.


Your Go-to Assistant Community

The EA campus provides a nurturing community that will support and build your career aspirations. Inside The EA campus you will find understanding, like-minded Assistants who know exactly how you feel and what your day looks like.


The EA campus is a safe place to ask questions, share ideas, practice conversations you want to have with your Executive and colleagues, and above all learn and grow.


We welcome Assistants from diverse backgrounds, all levels and industries. If you are new to the EA role or have been working at a senior level for a while, you will find value in joning The EA Campus.


Build relationships with like-minded Assistants who want to make a difference in their career. The EA Campus gives Assistants the space to share ideas, suppliers, strategies and opportunities.


The EA Campus will accelarate learning by ensuring everything is relevant, practical and absent of fluff. The EA Campus is there for Assistants to focus on moving their career forward.

Inside The EA Campus

We have spent many years supporting Executive and Personal Assistants and responding to your needs. That experience has led us to design a unique experience for The EA Campus Community. The initial membership has three core elements.


  • Discussion channels around skill development topics
  • Networking channels for industries and Executive level
  • Weekly wins
  • Members spotlight and interview
  • Private discussion groups and masterminds
  • Private 1:1 messaging between community members

Exclusive Content

  • Template library

  • 5 detailed eBooks
  • Executive Assistant Guides

  • Bitesize online courses

  • Monthly webinars with expert coaches and
  • Super deals and discounts only available
    for The EA Campus members

Direct Access and Support

  • Regular Q&As with Nicky Christmas and our team of coaches and mentors
  • New member hangouts

  • Professional networking hangouts

Founding Members Wanted

If you have been looking for a community of like-minded Assistants who want to develop skills and competencies that will earn you the recognition you deserve, then we’d love to welcome you into The EA Campus.

We are looking for founding members, who will help us shape The EA Campus community and evolve and grow with us from the very beginning.

The EA Campus will continue to grow as we learn more about the diverse characteristics, interests, and needs of our members… Because really, in terms of what to expect from this membership, we are just getting started!

AND as a founding member, your subscription fee will never increase.

Monthly Payment

  • Approx: $20, €18, AUD29

Yearly Payment

  • Approx: $226, €194, AUD322

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